The Flevo II is a beautifully classic yacht, built in 1966 it is one of our longest serving yachts. During summer the Flevo II is very populair for one or more families sharing this generous sized yacht and during low season the Flevo II attracts many groups, the very spacious deck makes it an attractive choice for larger groups.

Technical details

People : 8-10
Length : 14.7 metres
Width : 4.50 metres
Headway : 3.60 metres
Depth : 1.25 metres
Motor : 129 HP / 96 kW

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Flevo II

Specifications, rates and facilities

The Flevo II is spacious on the inside as well as on deck. The wide gangways and high railings make this a child friendly yacht.
At the front of the boat you will find a shower room with a toilet, a bedroom to accommodate four people and a double bedroom. In the back of the boat there is a kitchen with a big dining area, a second toilet and a beautifully big double bedroom. The dining area can also be turned into a large double bed.

The ample deck on the back of the boat as well as the seating area in the drivers cabin, is able to accommodate all passengers comfortably. From the cabin you will have a 360 degree view out of the windows, without having to stand up.

The Flevo II is equipped with bow and stern propellers to assist in manouvering. It is also equipped with a connection point where you can plug in to a 220 volt mainland electricity source in order to charge the boats batteries. There is a small converter (150 Watt) that will supply you with 220 volt power when you are not able to connect to a mainland electricity source. A radio/CD player and television are not to be missed in the extensive standard equipment.

This is the ideal holiday ship and is very favourably priced.

Charter schedule: The Flevo II is for rent from Wednesday 12:00 noon until Tuesday 16:00.

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