IJsselmeer route Sailing over the former Zuiderzee

Sail along the Zuiderzee cities of Enkhuizen, Hoorn, Volendam, Monnickendam and Marken with this weekend tour. Back in the day the inhabitants of these villages were mainly busy with fishing and agriculture and you can still find the characteristic houses from that time back in these fishing villages. Via the Randmeren at Spakenburg, Harderwijk and Elburg you will also pass the Hanseatic cities of Zwolle, Kampen and Hasselt.

Day route 1 Zwartsluis

The route around the IJsselmeer is always dependent on the wind. With wind strengths of more than 4 Beaufort we do not give permission to sail on the IJsselmeer or Markermeer.

Day route 2 Zwartsluis > Enkhuizen

The road to Enkhuizen first goes over the Zwarte Meer to Schokkerhaven, approx. 2 hours sailing, then over the Ketelmeer towards the IJsselmeer. Under the bridge of the Zwolse Hoek you go looking for the first buoy, the red and white KH, from there sail at 302 degrees on the compass to the red and white buoy EZ-D. The distance is about 12 km. Then adjust the course slightly more to 316 degrees looking for buoys of EZ-C for about 6 km, then buoy EZ-B again for another 6 km. Then turn almost 90 degrees to the left, 230 degrees towards Enkhuizen for about 6 km. In Enkhuizen you can choose the immediately appearing Compagnieshaven or sail on to the center to moor in the Buitenhaven. The boats here are moored right next to each other. Enkhuizen is a beautiful old town with many old buildings and the Zuiderzee museum, where the history of the Zuiderzee fishing is shown on the basis of old buildings of all fishing towns around the former Zuiderzee.

Day route 3 Enkhuizen > Hoorn > Volendam

From Enkhuizen you now have to pass through the Naviduct (lock) through the dam instead of through the Krabbegatssluis. Then you can sail to the beautiful old city of Hoorn, about 1.5 hours or you can choose a more southern course towards Volendam, Marken, Monnikendam at the Gouwzee. In general, this coast is somewhat hidden from the wind, because in the Netherlands the wind often comes from a western direction. Volendam is a special village, which attracts many tourists with also plenty to do in the evening.

Day route 4 Volendam > Amsterdam

From Volendam it is only a hop, skip and a jump to Amsterdam. When you arrive at Amsterdam, you have to go through the Orange locks (three next to each other), beware there is a lot of commercial shipping! For the Orange locks you must register with other recreational sailors on a waiting dock (SPORT). Then people are called to enter the northern, southern or central lock. Immediately after the lock a lot of commercial ships can come from the left from the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal, so keep sailing on the right (starboard shore)! Also look back regularly! Usually the goal is to get a berth in the Sixhaven, but all too often this harbour is full. There is now an excellent alternative, in the new AMSTERDAM-Marina. This harbour is also on the north side about 700 meters further away. Here, you can use the 24 hours a day ferries to the central station, this is a FREE service. Have fun in Amsterdam.

Day route 5 Amsterdam > Spakenburg > Harderwijk

To leave Amsterdam, you first go through the Orange locks again, still be very careful, as there are a lot of comercial ships on the water here! Now go in the direction of the Randmeren, or first to Muiden, as soon as you enter the entrance to the Gooimeer, you will find Jachthaven Naarden on your right. From here you can visit the beautiful Naarden Fortress. You can also sail to Spakenburg, for example, with its traditional center including the botter shipyard. Traditional costume is still worn here. Further on, Harderwijk, formerly a large fishing village, now home to the Dolphinarium. Or you can visit a place on the polder side, Almere-haven or Zeewolde, these cities are at most 50 years old. There are 2 locks in the Randmeren, one lock at Nijkerk and one beyond Elburg, the Roggebotsluis.

Day route 6 Harderwijk > Kampen

The last town on the Randmeren is beautiful Elburg certainly worth a visit. From Elburg go through the Roggebotsluis to the Ketelmeer and then upstream to Kampen. Beware you are on a real river with a current! This old Hanseatic city has many old towers and buildings, you will find a berth in the Buitenhaven, this is nice and close to the citycenter.

Day route 7 Kampen – Zwartsluis

Crossing the river, think of the current, sail to the Ganzensluisje. The lock measures 5.8 meters wide and 32 meters long. After the lock you sail on the Ganzendiep with its many recreational houses and houseboats along both banks. The Ganzendiep changes into the Goot with a small bridge ‘de Mandjeswaard’ then carefully enter the Scheepvaartgat, stay between the green stakes on larboard side and the reeds on the starboard side. Outside this fairway there is less than half a meter of water, so pay attention. At the end turn right towards Zwartsluis and Genemuiden, with its ferry that has priority, the port of Panorama is almost in sight. We hope you have had a wonderful holiday.

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